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Wetzel's Pretzels


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Six Degrees LA


The aroma of hot pretzel dough and butter haunts me (haungry?). In a good and bad way. I can’t tell you how many times I gorged on pretzels to the point of discomfort. And kept going. Butter-Salt-Bread is my perfect food pyramid, and in any combination, I can’t help myself. But I definitely helped myself.

So, we helped Wetzel’s bring that fresh-baked bouquet beyond the shopping mall scents of Abercrombie and adolescence and into the open air.

Festival stops, delivery drops, pop-ups, pop-music props, food trucks, and parade floats. We campaigned Wetzel’s as a West Coast classic, shifting the perception of pretzels just being a mid-shopping/online return munchie to being a great snack to grab. And they are great to grab. I mean pretzels literally have grabbable handles baked in.