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Umami Burger


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Casamigos, SBE, Six Degrees LA


Umami was ground-beef-breaking. No one was doing “better burgers” at the time. Especially ones that were food-scienced from bun to bun and slung from a shack in mid-city Los Angeles. And people/I lost their shit over it. We lined up around the block for it. Umami is the reason you can find a quasi-creative handmade-? burger on almost any menu in North America (but please stop handmaking ketchup – Heinz has that handled). 

And that was the problem. In a few years, every grill had gotten behind besting the next, better burger. Umami went from headlines to no lines.


We brought them back by reigniting their Artist Series burgers, with a spicy plural-patty, cheese-and-chips, salsa-stack, conjured up by Cindy Crawford and Casamigos. Through that pairing and promo, we made it their best-selling burger of the series. That fueled the expansion of their L.A. flagship location. Helped bring them abroad to their first Tokyo brick-and-mortar. Then followed that up with a burger collab with Jaden Smith, making the first major chain-wide launch of the Impossible patty. From ground-beef-breaking to ground-beef-faking. Umami was back as the bestest better burger.