Josh Terry

Rise above 
the grind


Erva Brew Co.


Brand strategy, branding, copy, content, packaging, product development


Marijke Uleman, Vincent Rémis


I did this project with Marijke Uleman, one of my favorite creatives and friends. That’s it. That’s reason enough for this project to be up here. This was the first time we’d really worked together since branding a music fest a bunch of years back.

Past the personal, we were really the right people to help Erva bring their yerba maté from their café and Coachella to packaged product. We knew food and beverage. We knew festivals. We knew the feeling of fried receptors craving any kind of clean energy. We’d all soared until we crashed. Coachellas to couches. Booth to bottle.


We’ll be out on the floor. Left of the stage. Absolutely losing ourselves to the music. That’s about where Erva Brew Co. started. Serving yerba mate in the moment, to lift the momentum of the crowd. Mate is that feeling for us. It’s a collective pulse. It lifts us to be ourselves, so we can set and rise together.